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Big Saw Productions
The Adirondack Chair is synonymous with outdoor leisure and enjoyment ...

Big Saw Productions
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Big Saw Productions
About Our Company and the People Who Build Your Furniture

I have been working with wood for almost 40 years, starting with tree houses and beach-log rafts in my youth, progressing to pinewood derby cars, catapults, speaker cabinets, guitars and band equipment. I have always been the ďgo toĒ person repairing household items, fixing plumbing, restoring antiques, remodeling, painting and general home maintenance.

Since moving to the Northwest, almost 22 years ago, Iíve progressed to building and repairing boats. Iíve built strip planked cedar dinghies and a handful of wood kayaks and Iíve restored a 1969 20í wood runabout. Iíve learned steam bending and much about marine construction/repair, fiber glassing and epoxy. All of these projects have been hobbies.

I have owned and operated an Audio/Visual production company ( for the past 19 years. I have extensive experience with customer service and support, operations, travel, and the ďcorporateĒ world.

My goal is to concentrate on building furniture I am proud to sell and produce, hence Big Saw Productions.

Iím delighted that youíre taking the time to read this and encourage you to call me, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions. I look forward to meeting and working with you.

Jason Mitchell


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